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Understanding Low Maintenance Decking

Published On: February 20th, 2018

Whether you call it plastic decking, vinyl decking, low-maintenance, composite or eco-friendly decking, you could no doubt use a little more knowledge before you make the jump into a low maintenance deck this season.

Low maintenance decking products are not all cut from the same cloth and indeed vary greatly when it comes to composition. You will also find that price varies. Low maintenance decking products have come a long way from the early days of the 90′s when it was first introduced to the decking industry. There are a plethora of manufacturers out there and an abundance of variety when it comes to design, durability, and price. Consider these differences and weigh them against your needs for your outdoor space. This will make your decision a whole lot easier. Geo Composite decking in Walnut.

Composite Decking

Composite decking of the wood variety was the first low maintenance decking product to hit the market. Wood composites do everything all the other versions of low maintenance decking does. It saves time. A homeowner will spend 1-2 hours a season maintaining a low maintenance deck as opposed to a wood deck that will cost the average homeowner 16-20 hours each season to keep looking new. Composite decking also looks like wood without all those splinters. Early releases of these wood composites gave the consumer the freedom that comes from not having to scrape, sand, stain and paint a wood deck every year. Wood composites of the past did, however, come with a few hiccups of its’ own. With all the kinks ironed out, wood composites remain popular, durable and priced right. Many composites are not just made from wood fibers any more. More and more, composite decking is made from a variety of materials, both recycled and new. With a combination of natural fibers and plastic, composites have gained strength and versatility.

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Vinyl wrapped composites

In an effort to make an already durable, reliable low maintenance option even more so, the vinyl wrapped composite board was born. Many low maintenance decking manufacturers are taking their wood and other composite boards and wrapping them in vinyl. The advantage to this is two-fold. With a plastic coating that is as hard as a golf ball coating, these low maintenance decks are more durable than ever. They keep the moisture out and therefore prevent mold from getting into the boards. By wrapping the composite, the look of low maintenance has been revolutionalized. If you have a look in mind, there is likely a wrapped composite to fit it. The ability to better mimic the look of wood has increased dramatically with these vinyl wrapped boards. The look and feel of vinyl wrapped composite decking is clean and fresh. Not to mention its low maintenance claim to fame. With some mild dish soap and a mop, these vinyl wrapped composite decks clean up quickly and thoroughly. No power washing needed.

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Clubhouse vinyl decking.

Full Vinyl boards

This decking product will be here long after us Because of the nonbiodegradable properties of plastic vinyl deck boards, they are sturdy, dependable and just about bulletproof. Stains are no match for a full vinyl board. A full vinyl board can have a higher price point than its counterpart. They are either made from recycled plastics or new materials. Either way, they are beautiful and durable. Vinyl decking has superior impact resistance and can withstand even the greatest variations in weather conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a composite deck, capped composite or vinyl, low maintenance is becoming ever more popular. With the longevity, durability and long life that low maintenance can offer, low maintenance decking products can ensure that the dream deck you build today will only need to be built once.