A shade structure adds functionality to your deck, providing protection from the elements while creating a cozy area to relax or meet with friends.

There are many different types of shade and roof structures that can be built to enhance your deck. The advantages of these structures include extending your deck season through:

  • Shade protection
  • Rain protection
  • Privacy
  • Added height and dimension to your deck

Our expert builders can design and construct many types of shade and roof structures, including:

A pavilion is a roof structure without any side walls that is typically freestanding and can be added to an existing deck or patio. Pavilions can often be mistaken for pergolas; however, pavilions have a totally enclosed roof allowing for the addition of a finished ceiling, lights, fans and can be used during mild rain.

A custom roof is typically tied into an existing roof structure, creating seamless protection from the elements. There are many styles including, shed, gable and hip roofs. These custom structures can have a variety of different options such as pot lights, ceiling fans and feature walls.

Pergolas are partially roofed structures that have traditionally been used as arches and walkways. A small pergola can serve as an entrance to your yard, while a larger one can become an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to a sitting area on a deck. Some choose to cover a pergola with climbing plants to serve as a cool and partially shaded retreat on hot summer days.

Dating from the Victorian era, garden gazebos were traditionally round or octagonal roofed structures intended for quiet contemplation, with some being almost purely decorative. In modern landscape design, a gazebo can be almost any shape or size, with usability becoming a more important consideration.

A sunroom serves as a shelter from the sun, wind, and rain. Typically built in the shape of a square or a rectangle with glass or screened walls, sunrooms provide more of a closed structure and depending on the model, some sun-rooms are made for three seasons and really help extend your time outdoors

A sunroof is a sunroom without walls and in some cases can block the heat from the sun but still allow the light to penetrate. Sunroofs are becoming more popular every year, as customers are looking for modern, low-maintenance shade options

An awning is a roof structure that extends over your deck to protect you from sun, rain, and snow. Awnings also protect your deck and furniture from UV rays and provide savings on energy costs by blocking the sun from your windows. This form of shade is also attractive to those who do not want a permanent structure but one that can be tucked away when you want to enjoy the sun.

> View photos of Shade Structures in our Photo Gallery.

Don’t see a shade structure right for you? Reach out to your local owner as we would love to work with you to create a design that fits your wants and the needs of your outdoor space.

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