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Stack the deck (Multi-level decks)

Published On: June 29th, 2016

There’s nothing like a new deck to get us excited for the season. Quality in workmanship and product is a must, but the design should not be overlooked when deciding on the deck that’s right for you. Multi-level decks give versatility and design quality that cannot be beaten and will have the whole neighbourhood worked up.

Multi Level Decks

Choosing to build a multi-level deck, even if it’s out of necessity, will open up many design options that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you if you chose a flat deck. One of the misconceptions out there about multi-level decks is that they are always more expensive. This is untrue. Sometimes deciding on a multi-level design for your new deck, can save you money.

If you are considering other design effects such as lighting or curved stairs, a multi-level design will highlight these elements, getting you, your money’s worth. A multi-level deck will allow you to incorporate that hot tub, pool or outdoor kitchen. A multi-level deck will set up separate designated areas on your deck, creating a home for each. Your eating area can replicate the feel of an indoor dining room.  Having the pool on a different level than your seating area keeps water and all the mess that can come with a pool removed from the rest of your deck. Multi-level decks will also open up the design choices for colour and shape.

multi-level deck

Visually, a multi-level deck can’t be beaten. Different levels can be created specifically for the customer, and often the outcome is a one-of-a-kind deck design. Trying to hide from the neighbours? Privacy screens are great, but if you design your multi-level deck with sight lines in mind, the neighbours won’t be privy of your seasonal skinny dipping polo club.

Eliminate Deck Stairs

A multi-level deck can reduce or eliminate stairs. If your property is sloped like so many are, you may need to build many steps to have you off your deck and onto the grass. With more than one level, the height of your deck can be reduced before the stairs come into play. This scenario can visually be more appealing and fewer stairs can increase safety, especially around water.  Lighting will also greatly increase safety and accessibility when building a multi-level deck.

You likely will only go through the design process for a new deck once or twice in your lifetime. Take the time needed to consider all the options. A little imagination will take your standard square deck into a whole new world. A multi-level deck will become the conversation piece of your outdoor space.