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Spend the Winter Preparing for that Spring Deck

Published On: November 6th, 2019

Didn’t get a new deck this year? No worries. Spend the winter making a plan to finally create the outdoor space you deserve. Focus on the beauty and design of the centrepiece. Your new low-maintenance deck.


While many newly built decks are still being constructed of wood, if you want your new deck to last, low-maintenance is the way to go. This does, however, put many more choices in front of you as you consider design, product and colours. Let’s break it down.

Like any new structure, planning is key. Understand your limitations first. Budget and usable land will be in the forefront of planning and how much you are prepared to spend on your new deck will greatly affect the design and product choice. Secondly, each municipality has rules. How close to your property lines can your build extend to? How high will the deck be? Will you need a permit?  A call to your city building department will answer many of these questions and save a lot of headaches in the future.

Gazebo on a deck

Once your budget is in place, and you have uncovered any building restrictions your city may have, it’s time to do your research. A low-maintenance deck is an extension of your home, and likely a big investment of your hard-earned money. The more you know about low-maintenance products and how much they cost, the better. A homeowner will likely only build a new deck once or twice in a lifetime, and therefore, people are often surprised at how much a project like this costs.

Deck Design

Next is the fun part. Make a list of design features that are must-haves for your build and any accessories, such as lighting, that you want to see on your design. How big will your deck be? If you are not good at visualizing, consider spray painting your lawn to give you an idea of what the space looks like. Getting a 3D view of your property with the proposed deck in the backyard can go a long way in helping you envision the end result. You may choose to design your own deck, but if you want to leave it to the professionals, many deck companies provide free designs and will work with you on that design.

Get Your Quotes

Once you are clearer on what you want to see in a new deck design, it’s time to collect some quotes. This process can take time, but because you have chosen to focus on your spring build in the winter, you have the time to do it right. Doing it right typically means getting more than one quote.

If you have decided on your deck builder, and have a rough idea of when your new low-maintenance deck will be built, it’s time to get some logistical things out of the way. Do any private locates of sprinkler systems or septic need to be done? Nothing will dampen a new deck build like a ruptured sewage pipe. Move any gas or water tap that might need relocating to build your deck, and if your basement needs waterproofing, now is the time to do it. Does your old deck need to be removed? A homeowner can save some money on their project by ripping out the old deck. Consider doing this part of the project yourself.

composite deck with magnificent staircase

If you have taken the winter to properly plan your new deck, there is less chance that things will get delayed or go wrong. With a little preparation, you will be enjoying that new low-maintenance deck in no time.