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Bring New Life to Your Outdoor Space with Deck Repairs

Published On: July 19th, 2018

A new deck may be your ultimate goal but your budget may be in the way. There are loads of repairs that can be done that will give new life to your existing deck.

While some deck repairs can be quite costly, others might represent only a small investment. Consider some of these small repairs to spruce up your deck.


If your current deck has no skirt, consider adding some. A trip to the Deck Yard in Dundas, ON can set you up with enough material to close in your deck. Skirting not only provides a nice finish for your deck but can keep critters from making the underside of your deck home. Consider using a complementary material instead of trying to make a match. You may hit a sale while adding flair to that old deck.

2-tier curved deck


Again, if your deck edges are not already trimmed, consider framing your deck with trim boards. A deck that is trimmed will have that finished look and look professionally designed. This add-on is both affordable and easy to install.

Replacing Boards and Hardware

Take a good look at your deck. Do you have boards popping, rotting, splintering or softening? Take a count of the boards that need to be replaced and head down to the Deck Yard. Take this opportunity to inspect your hardware. Galvanized steel hardware isn’t what it used to be. If your deck has rust, it can really take the shine off your deck. Consider stainless steel hardware. It looks nicer and lasts longer.

deck before cleaning

deck after cleaning

Wash and Seal

Even if your deck isn’t shiny and new, it doesn’t mean it can’t look shiny and new. A good clean will go along way. Take a before and after picture. You’ll be amazed at the difference. If your deck is made of wood, consider using a sealer after you wash it. A good sealer will protect your wood and give you more life out of your deck.

Sometimes the band-aid solution is the only solution. Consider your budget and decide on the actions you can take to make your deck a beautiful living space once again.