backyard deck revitalization

It’s not too late to revitalize your deck

Published On: October 14th, 2022

Did you have big plans for your deck this summer? Plans that never quite turned into reality? If your outdoor space isn’t looking exactly like it did in your dreams, you’ll be surprised by how little it costs to show your deck some lovin’ before the end the season.

For as little as $50 and a couple of hours of work, your deck can be revitalized. Whether your deck is new or old, it likely needs a few accessories, a good mopping and perhaps some small repairs. It won’t take much to have your deck looking more like the deck of your dreams.

A little elbow grease

While a good power wash will go a long way in renewing an old tired deck, perhaps all it needs is a good mopping with a general household cleaner. A standard mop will usually do the trick and remove lots of dirt and grime. Start by cleaning your deck off. Your deck can become a dumping ground for all kinds of things. Find a safe cleanser that will be friendly to your deck, whether wood or low maintenance, and be sure to rinse as well.

Small repairs

Take a walk around your deck and take a good look at the surface as well as the rails. Are there missing screws, chipped boards or stained hand rails? Many of these problems can be remedied in just a few minutes with a hammer and nails, screwdriver and a magic eraser. Once the tour of your deck is complete and all small repairs have been made, you have a beautiful clean canvas to work with and you’ve still only spent pennies.


Midsummer is a great time to go to the nursery and find a great deal. Many annuals and perennials can be found at half price. This is a perfect opportunity to buy a few affordable planters and some great colour for your deck. With this small investment, your deck will be blooming with color, looking alive and feeling a lot more like the deck of your dreams.

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