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Decking Peeves and Their Solutions

Published On: January 5th, 2018

Having a great deck will go a long way in making or breaking our outdoor space. When it comes time to build or replace that deck, it’s important to identify those things that cause concern for you. Your decking pet peeves as we like to call them.

All decking materials have their limitations. Different limitations for different materials. The key is to identify your concerns and your needs and choose the decking product that is right for you.

Reduce Deck Slivers

polygon shaped composite deck

Splinters, cracks and slivers are not likely something you want to deal with when it comes to your deck. All wood decking will eventually provide you with all three. Unless you enjoy spending time cleaning, sealing and/staining your deck on a regular basis, low maintenance decking is the way to go.

Make a Hot Deck Cool

hot deck can mean an uncomfortable walk to the pool. Nobody wants burned tootsies. Consider a decking product that has cooling properties built right in. Also, understand that a darker colour is going to heat up and stay hot more so than its lighter counterpart. If your deck doesn’t already have a degree of shade you might want to invest in a structure that will provide this kind of protection from the elements. An awning will keep both your deck surface and those toes cool.

Deck Rust Stains

If you are not a fan of rust or stains, you will want to invest in stainless steel hardware for your deck installation. Especially important if you own a saltwater pool.  Salt can wreak havoc on metal. Also, choose a low-maintenance decking product that is made of vinyl. Though many other decking materials are known for their strain resistance, nothing beats vinyl with it comes to clean up. Grease, blood, food and even red wine will mop up easily with a little dish soap.

Eliminate Deck Warping

If warping and rotting is one of your pet peeves, you’ve likely experienced one or both of these in the past. To eliminate this problem in the future, choose a low-maintenance decking product that is heavier than its counterpart. Most wood decks are at risk for these problems. Low-maintenance deck products provide a warranty that ensures, when installed properly, your deck won’t warp or break.

Prevent Deck Fading

If fading is a pet peeve of yours, you are in luck. Many low-maintenance decking has a fade and stain warranty. While everything fades a bit when exposed to the hot sun for any period of time, many low maintenance deck products won’t fade enough for the human eye to even notice a difference. Also, these products will be warrantied against stains. Low-maintenance decking is known for it’s resistance to stains and will no doubt save you time and money in the long run.

These top decking pet peeves will be addressed when you take the time to enlist the deck professionals with your needs and your worries. There is just the right decking product out there for you.