deck lighting overlooking pool

Deck Lighting Options

Published On: January 16th, 2024

If your deck could use some ambiance and safety. Deck lighting will do the trick. It is a great way to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your deck and, ultimately, your outdoor space. There are many ways to utilize lighting on your deck to brighten up your backyard, providing enhanced safety and a welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of the most popular application choices:

Post Cap lights

These lights are installed on the top of your rail posts. Typically, these lights are evenly spaced around the deck and can be hardwired or solar. Some post lights are integrated into the post, while others are placed at the top of the post.

Deck Rail Lighting

pergola and railing lighting

Like post-cap lighting, these lights utilize the railing as host to all kinds of lighting. Rail lighting might apply under the rail top. 

LED strip lighting or individual fixtures can be attached to the railing to illuminate the surrounding area. Lights may also be installed on the rail post.

Deck Floor Lights

A little uplight on the deck is a great way to anchor your deck space with a sleek and modern look. Lights can be installed in a pattern or along the perimeter of the deck. How many lights you choose to use is entirely up to you and your budget and taste.

Stair Lighting

A deck with a staircase is accessible from the ground, and lighting goes a long way in making these stairs safe to access. Stair lighting is also very appealing to look at. You may choose to add a light to each rise or every other rise, providing a safe pathway for all.

Spot Lighting and Uplighting

Use spotlights to highlight specific features on your deck, such as planters and other architectural elements. Uplighting against the home adds a dramatic effect that only adds to the atmosphere a deck can provide.

Landscape Lighting

Although not on your actual deck, landscape lighting will work in conjunction with any deck lighting you might choose. Landscape lighting will highlight the trees, shrubs, and gardens that surround your deck.

Where you choose to place your lighting in and around your deck is important. What kind of lighting you choose is equally important. Here are the options:

String Lights

String lights may be your choice if you are on a tighter budget. String lights come in many colours, shapes, and sizes and are typically less expensive than other options. They can be draped along any element of your deck, including your railings. They are cozy and festive.

Solar Lights

You may choose solar-powered lights for your deck. They are easy to install since they don’t require wiring. They are, however, dependent on light to charge them, need a battery to store any power, and can be somewhat unreliable for these reasons.

LED Lights

LED lighting is a popular choice. These lights often come as part of a system that can be expanded upon. They use very light energy to operate and come with loads of choices when it comes to size, shape, and colour. LED lights provide a longer life span and lower energy consumption.

Smart Lighting

These systems are the latest in deck lighting. A smart lighting system allows you to control when your lights go on and off, as well as the colour and intensity of your deck lighting through Wi-Fi. You may choose to use your smartphone to operate your lights or voice command.

There are loads of choices to be made when deciding on the kind of deck lighting that best suits your style and budget. Whatever you choose, deck lighting is both practical and beautiful and will only add to the enjoyment of your deck and, indeed, your whole outdoor space.