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Clear the deck

Published On: November 18th, 2015

Fall is upon us and winter will soon be here. Time to put your deck to bed.

Although you may find uses for your deck in the winter like barbecuing, your beloved deck or patio will soon be under a blanket of snow for months, taking it out of commission. Time to prepare for hibernation. While we all take the time to prepare our outdoor space for the winter, it is equally important to consider your deck as the cold weather nears.

Preparing your Deck for Winter

Removing or covering your outdoor furniture is a must. When the white stuff starts to fly, you may need to shovel and having too many obstacles will make this task harder. Take in plants or remove from your deck. Leaving pots to stay on your deck through the winter may stain your deck boards and can encourage the growth of mold.

Winter Deck Lighting

If you have deck lighting, keeping them clear of snow will allow any pet who ventures outside during the cold months of winter, more manageable.  This will also help light your way when you do need to shovel or want to barbecue.

Clear away any debris including leaves and pine needles that may have found a home on your deck during the fall. Now is a great time to give your deck a good washing. There are loads of products out there to make the job easier.  Be careful to use one that is suited for the materials of your deck.

Shovelling your Deck

Keep a shovel handy for digging a path through the snow for your dog.  Making it more difficult for Rover to reach the grass will leave you with yellow snow, or worse, on your deck surface. Take care when using a shovel on your deck.  Scraping your deck surface will leave unwanted scratches and could possibly gouge your deck.

Spring cleaning of your deck will be a whole lot easier if precaution is taken in the winter.  Spend a little time on your deck now, so that when the temperature begins to rise. You will be able to hit the ground running and start to enjoy your deck as soon as the first crocus arrives.