backyard pavilion by the pool

Backyard Pavilions – A Great Addition to your Outdoor Space

Published On: April 11th, 2016

When you think of a pavilion you might envision sitting in a park during a rainy family reunion but the protection of a pavilion can be right in your own backyard. While deciding the kind of shelter that best suits your needs, consider your very own personal pavilion.

Backyard pavilions are stand-alone shelters, independent of your home. They can be small garden buildings similar to a summer house or a kiosk. Unlike many other shelter options, backyard pavilions give flexibility to their location. You may very well choose to locate your pavilion against the house, but pavilions can provide shelter for just about any other area of the backyard. Pavilions serve a great purpose near water and you don’t have to live near a lake. A well-appointed pavilion will most certainly come in handy near a swimming pool. Other places a pavilion can add functionality to a space are:

Hot Tubs

Backyard pavilions will provide protection for those long soaks in a hot tub. A well-appointed pavilion over a hot tub will most certainly provide shelter from the elements, but also encourage a higher level of privacy.

Backyard Centerpiece

With enough room, you might consider placing a pavilion in the middle of your outdoor space. A pavilion that is decorated and furnished can be a visual asset to any property.

Under that hot spot

Do you have an area in your backyard that could fry an egg? A pavilion could make that space usable again, increasing both your enjoyment and the square footage of your backyard.

Backyard pavilions are generally made of wood or vinyl. The choice will be yours to make. Pavilions come in kits or can be custom built. Identifying the function of your pavilion will help to determine the budget and design. Getting several estimates from qualified contractors will help you to narrow down your options and align them with the pavilion that suits you and your outdoor space the best.

backyard pavilion

Pavilions are great for eating under, playing cards, and just plain relaxing. The pavilion is to a backyard, what the porch is to the front of the house. Providing the opportunity to enjoy those warm summer days without the rain and heavy sun, your pavilion will soon become the focal point for your space or be tucked away in a quiet corner. The choice is yours.

With the investment of a pavilion, comes that authentic picnic experience. The kind of feeling that comes from a family reunion, but without all that family. Have more questions regarding backyard pavilions before deciding on owning one? Contact us today and our team of experts at Hickory Dickory Decks will be ready to help.