covered barbecue on deck

7 Fun and Crazy Things to Enjoy on Your Deck

Published On: March 29th, 2018

Your deck is an extension of your living space. When conditions are just right, it can be your favourite place to spend time. Why not expand on the activities you enjoy on your deck and increase the time you spend in the great outdoors. We all know that barbeques and pool parties are made better with a great deck. We’ve all enjoyed beverages and conversation on the deck.  There is a whole lot more that can be enjoyed on that great deck of yours and here are eight crazy and fun things we bet you never thought of doing on your deck.

Live Music

Anyone can place a Bluetooth speaker on their deck and enjoy their favourite tunes during a hot summer night but why not bring in a live band.  Whether it’s your brother with his guitar or a full 6 piece band, a deck, especially an elevated deck makes for a great stage. Your friends and family will enjoy this unique experience and your party will certainly be a memorable one. Just make sure to invite the neighbours before the concert begins.


Kids love a sleepover. Sleeping bags on the deck, under the stars or even better, under a fort on the deck will no doubt impress the kids. Deck camping can be a little more comfortable than the ground and keeps the kids close. Add in lots of blankets, pillows and snacks and your children will have a spacious area to host the whole class.

Ice It

Time spent on your deck in the winter is not out of the question when you install an ice rink. A level deck is a great space for a little homemade pond. Fastening a tarp and making a few inches of ice will keep the kids busy throughout the colder months without having to travel too far. Pair this unique skating experience with a cup of hot chocolate and you’ve got yourself a great winter activity for all the neighbourhood kids.


If deck hockey isn’t your thing, try a little winter tobogganing. If your deck has a few stairs and you’ve just experienced a great snowfall, put your shovel to use by piling snow on the stairs.  A well-packed snow pile will make for a great hill and if you have little ones, might just be enough to provide a thrill right in your own backyard.

Games Night

Consider hosting your family games night outside. Your deck can provide the perfect space for spin the bottle or perhaps something a little tamer. Twister might be a little sweaty but there are so many games that can be enjoyed outside and your deck provides a great opportunity to take the fun outside.

Dance Party

Nothing like a great night of dancing.  Decks make a great dance floor. With the right lighting, your guests won’t be able to help themselves.  Picture a snowball dance right in your backyard.

Movies on the Deck

Night time is a great time to watch your favourite flick. A projector and screen on your deck will make the coziest of spots to be entertained. Fire up the popcorn maker, and bring out a couple of mattresses. Your deck will rival any drive-in experience. Remember, your deck isn’t just for sitting on. It is a valuable extension to your outdoor space and should be utilized as such. Expand your horizons and give these ideas a try.